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Nederlands audioproductiehuis en Europees audio collectief  audiocollectief

critically acclaimed podcasts & audio productions

De blankenberge tapes, Phasmophobia, vuelta, torn island, de bunker, rewind, 3voor12, podcast, verborgen verhalen, het moderne leven

Babylon Audio Collective is a team of writers, directors, audio engineers, musicians and sound designers that create critically acclaimed audio works. Whether it's a podcast, a radioshow, a live performance or a museum piece.

We work for a host of clients including Dutch public broadcasters VPRO and NTR, NPO Radio 1, VRT, ANWB, Podimo and Audible. Our work has been awarded with the Prix Europa,  and nominated for the Prix D'Italia and the Dutch Directors Guild Award and has been showcased at the Milan Triennial.

Babylon creates both national and international audioworks and was founded by Pascal van Hulst and Tom Hofland.
Our most popular works include De Blankenberge Tapes (VPRO), Verborgen Verhalen (ANWB) & Er is iets vreemds gebeurd (Dag & Nacht Media)

"For lovers of the narrative genre, De Blankenberge Tapes has to be the ultimate podcast - the ingenious plot leaves the listener constantly craving more."

- Het Parool 

"Some speakers in 'Er is iets vreemds gebeurd' still get goosebumps thinking back on what happened. And you get it as a listener too, I know from experience. [...] they are fascinating events. Wonderful to listen to, without prejudice, Although I would do it in daylight."

- Trouw

"Curtains closed, lights dimmed, speakers on and prepare to shiver. Let yourself be carried away by the impressive haunted house story Phasmophobia. An exciting story with excellent sound design."

- NRC Handelsblad

"Always interesting when a format emerges with an original concept and a tight narrative structure, and which is also based on solid journalistic work. Dance podcast Rewind makes you feel like you were there."

- De Volkskrant

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Every project by Babylon is led by Pascal van Hulst, Tom Hofland and producer Martin de Wind. For every project we work with a team of frequent collaborators. 

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